3 Creative Golden Gark Rake Uses You’ve Probably Never Thought Of

golden gark rakeAbout 20 million acres of lawn are cultivated across the United States, and oftentimes, lawn cultivation leads to other landscaping efforts and gardening projects. It’s no secret that gardening usually requires a myriad of tools, and while you can spend the money purchasing multiple tools for each project, it’s generally much wiser to invest in a multi-purpose tool such as the Golden Gark Rake. Here are some specific gardening tasks that the Golden Gark Rake will make easier.

  1. Remove Garden Waste:
    Many of those with green thumbs would argue that removing unneeded soil and other garden debris can be one of the most strenuous and time-consuming parts about gardening as a whole. And while many people choose to use whatever shoveling and digging tools they have laying around their shed or garage, it makes much more sense to use the efficient Golden Gark Rake. As a shovel rake combo, its innovative design allows you to remove any type of garden debris you can imagine, including dirt, leaves, grass clippings, moss, weeds, and much more. Plus, its lightweight body and ergonomic shape minimizes the stress put on the upper back and shoulders.
  2. Shape Flowerbeds:
    Getting your flowerbeds to look just right can be a hassle, especially if you choose to line them with any type of rocks or gravel. The Golden Gark Rake’s serrated shovel side is perfect for shoveling rocks and stones into place around your fragrant flowers. Additionally, its sifter extension works as a filter for any dirt or soil you have that may have some lost rocks in it. That way, you can repurpose the rocks for a gardening project and reuse the soil to grow a new plant.
  3. Spread Compost:
    While it’s true that there are many ways to spread compost, using the Golden Gark Rake will simplify the job significantly. It’s easy to load up the sieve and gently shake the rake as you walk through your garden. It provides an even coating of compost and sifts out any rocks or other debris at the same time.

Ultimately, there are virtually countless ways to use the lightweight and ergonomic Golden Gark Rake — you just need a bit of creativity. For more information about yard tools, contact Root Assassin.

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