3 Easy Landscaping Projects To Improve Your Home’s Value

shovel rake combo

Landscaping is a great way to increase the value of your home. According to realestate.com, landscaping can raise a home’s value up to 12%. That is a massive return on investment when you consider that the average homeowner spends $5,000 or less on landscaping projects.

If you’re looking to get into a little landscaping to improve the value of your home, you need the right tools. One of these recommended tools is the golden gark rake, a sort of shovel rake combo. This shovel rake combo also works as a sift, and is strong, lightweight, and durable.

It’s quite highly reviewed and is becoming increasingly popular in Europe for its multi-purpose usage. As such, it is just one of many yard tools to consider for your landscaping needs.

But garden tools aside, here are some affordable landscaping ideas that you could look into for your home.

  1. Berm Focal Point – Berms are mounds of earth, gently sloping, that are created to help with drainage. You can also create a focal point of textures and colors that make your yard more interesting than plain grass. This will make it look like an island in a sea of green. They’re also good for diffusing street noise, making it a nice addition in urban areas.
  2. A Path – A pathway to your front door — or back door — through a garden or even just across the lawn is a very welcoming feature. It can also have a large impact on your home’s appeal. It can be made from flagstone, gravel, or crushed granite. Concrete is an option, but not very easy to do yourself without the help of professionals.
  3. A Flagstone Wall – Build a wall no more than 12 inches in height around plants and gardens, especially in the front of the home. It can add character to your home, giving it a sense of sophistication. You should make sure to pick a stone with a consistent thickness, too. Choose any rock that can be split into slabs.Typical costs are about $300 for stones and sand. It’s not a large investment but can provide beautiful results.

If you have any ideas for landscaping tips for your home to improve its value, or even just its aesthetic appeal, leave them in the comments below!

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