3 Rave Reviews for the Root Assassin

digging toolsGardening is a popular past time for many Americans, even children! In fact, 95.6% of all children who garden enjoy the task. But while spring might be the season for planting posies, summer is the best time to get some serious work done in your yard. Whether you are taking down some trees or transplanting your gardenia bush, you want to make sure you have the proper tool for the job.

The Root Assassin serrated shovel is a combination root saw and shovel. It is designed to be your all-in-one heavy lawn work tool. And it has been getting some amazing reviews.

Here are just a few of the things industry leaders are saying:

Golden Shovel Award from Gardening Products Review

If you are looking for a single tool to help do some landscaping in a densely wooded area or an area rich with bramble, you can either keep a myriad of digging tools available on hand, or you can turn to the hybrid shovel and saw-toothed blade, the root assassin.

In reviewing the Root Assassin Shovel, gardeningproductsreview.com said:

“Often hybrid tools end up doing neither job well. The Root Assassin is a happy exception. If you are digging a hole in a root-infested area, this is the perfect tool. While I would not pick up this tool simply to cut off a branch, if it’s in my hand when a branch for cutting presents itself, it will do the job effectively.”

“My New Favorite Shovel,” says Miss Smarty Plants

Another important factor to consider is the durability of your digging tools. After all, what good is a tool going to be after it snaps in half after the first year of use?

Blogger Keri Byrum raves:

“Overall the shovel is very light and just the right length for using the handle for leverage and also getting in tight areas. I have a bad habit of kind of using my shovels like crowbars to pry out plants and while my other shovels creak and grown (and will surely snap one day) the Root Assassin stood strong. And while this might sound like a trivial point, the red handle makes it easy to find too!”

5 Stars from Smarter Hobby.com

But digging tools are not just important for home gardeners. Many detectorists, or people who use metal detectors to seek curios buried and lost underground, need digging tools as well. For them, it is the ease of use that stands out about the Root Assassin.

Mark Orwig, in his review, said:

“If you work with the ground at all, you know the importance of a good shovel. With an ordinary shovel, you have to put a lot of weight on it to even crack the ground sometimes, let alone dig a good-sized hole. But with a great shovel like the Root Assassin, it feels like you’re slicing butter.”

The Root Assassin is a popular and versatile tool and can be used as a tree root saw and a metal detecting shovel. To learn more, contact us today!

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