3 Tips for New Metal Detectorists

treasure hunting digging shovelsHow many times do you remember being told stories of buried treasure as a child? Many people grow up with stories of pirates’ buried treasure or treasure maps being drawn on the back of documents.

Perhaps that is why so many adults gravitate toward metal detecting as a hobby. After all, what can be more exciting than uncovering something unknown buried in the ground? Of course, few detectorists expect to find a buried fortune in their local parks. Most of it is about discovering parts of your community’s past; it’s almost as if you are reaching back into history itself.

If you are a newer detectorist, it can be tempting to jump straight into your search with nothing but some treasure hunting digging shovels, but there are some important tips that all detectorists should know before going out into the field. So before you go out for your first expedition, make sure you read these three tips.

  1. Follow The Code of Ethics

    Detectorists must work hard to follow the code of ethics, or else you risk damaging the reputation of the entire detectorist community. The rules are simple: do not destroy landscaping, do not leave holes unfilled, and do not enter private property without the express permission of the owner. It is important that you understand the difference between flowers and weeds, as you should avoid damaging the former (though that is easier said than done as there are 1,992 species of weeds that grow in the United States, according to the Weed Science Society of America).

  2. Take It Slow

    Do you ever wonder why in the opening scene of Jurassic Park the archeologists are using tiny brushes to uncover the fossils? That’s because digging too hastily can damage the fossils. The same principle applies to detecting. If you try to dig too fast, you will end up scratching or damaging your target.

  3. Try Hybrid Digging Tools

    If you are new to detecting, then it can be quite expensive to purchase all of the important equipment you need to find and retrieve the best targets. By using a hybrid tool, like the Root Assassin, you are able to reduce costs without sacrificing your retrieval ability. Unlike other treasure hunting digging shovels, the Root Assassin will allow you to better search around older trees, which can result in many of the best finds: as one reviewer put it: “The Root Assassin is a heavy-duty shovel made for tough roots.”

Metal detecting is a popular and rewarding hobby if done right. By following the best practices and with the right treasure hunting digging shovels, who knows what you might uncover?

The Root Assassin is the preeminent tree root removal tool and best metal detecting shovel. To learn more, call us today!

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