3 Ways to Use a Golden Gark Rake For Your Garden

gark rakeSpring is just around the corner and, as such, many people are excited to get started on their gardens. A lot of dedicated gardeners want to make sure they have all the best tools by stocking up on rakes, trowels, sifters and more. The price of all those tools can really add up. There’s a much easier, financially beneficial solution, all in one tool.

A Golden Gark Rake is a tool that encompasses three tools into one. It is a combination shovel, rake, and sifter, giving you all the primary yard tools in one. But how does it help with gardening, other than being convenient?

Shovel and Metal Detector

With around 1,992 different species of weeds in the United States and Canada, you want a shovel to help you get those ones with really stubborn roots out. The Golden Gark Rake provides this with an extra feature. It functions as a metal detector as well, allowing you to be alerted to any pipes or metal objects in the ground.

Shovel Rake

The Golden Gark Rake makes it easier than every to rake up debris in your garden. With its scooped shovel rake combo, you can rake and gather up all the leaves, twigs and other things in the scoop without having to constantly bend down and shovel them all into a trash bag. This makes it easier on your back and easier on your time.


The forked design of the Golden Gark Rake acts as a sifter for gardeners who wish to filter out healthy soil for growing plants and keep other sediments or debris away from them.

The Golden Gark Rake has all three of your basic gardening tools in one. Now you don’t have to spend a large amount of money buying shovels, rakes, sifters and metal detectors when all you really want to do is garden. With just this one tool, you can dig a hole for your new plants, clear away any leaves from your yard, sift to find healthy soil, avoid pipes in the earth you might damage, and dig out weeds in record time. The versatility of three tools combined with the convenience of one. What’s not to love?

For more information on the Golden Gark Rake, please visit rootassassinshovel.com

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