5 Non Toxic Tips To Get Rid Of Gnats


    5 Non-Toxic Tips for Getting Rid Of Gnats





Despite popular belief, gnats are not a particular bug but a general term for a “small flying nonbiting bug”. Most entomologists consider the criteria to be “a small nonbiting member of the Nematocera family”. Nevertheless, we all want to get rid of gnats in our home.

The Nematocera includes hundreds of various pesky flies. Almost none are helpful in pollination and if you have potted plants at home they can be more than just a nuisance. That being said the most common indoors are fungus gnats which affect many plants and fruit flies. This will turn your fruit bowl into a bug paradise.

In sum, fungus gnats are not helpful pollination and if you have potted plants at home they can be more than just a nuisance, feeding near roots and killing your plants.

Here’s how you can get rid of gnats:

1.Dishsoap and Apple Vinegar:

Take a bowl filled with apple vinegar and drop in two drops of dish soap and place near houseplants. The Apple vinegar will attract the gnats and the dish soap will form a thin soapy layer over the vinegar that will keep them from escaping. This will work with killing the adult gnats.


2. Let the soil dry:

For this you have to be careful with extremely sensitive plants, gnats thrive in humid conditions and can not live in dry soil. Delay your watering cycle and allow the whole plant’s soil to dry (usually two or three days) this will kill off all gnats and eggs, you may have to repeat as needed every other week, this will disrupt the life cycle and kill off the maggots and eggs of the gnats.


3.  Sticky Tape:

Place sticky tape the sticky side up near your plants and on the pots, some say the color yellow helps attract the gnats, as such, yellow tape may be best. Change as needed.


4. Clean up:

Gnats thrive in the organic matter, remove any decaying leaves or decaying branches that are lying on your soil.

5. Red Wine.

Gnats are attracted to red wine, keep an open cup near the problem plant containers and change as needed.



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