Easy Lawn Care: Turn Your Autumn Foliage into nutrient rich compost!

With Autumns toasty nights and fresh air arrive a gift – many beautiful newly fallen leaves. When the leaves turn the dreaded brown and cover your lawn, transform them into compost to enrich your soil for more bountiful and healthy plants in the spring – all for free, using our Rake Assassin!


Two Nifty Ways To Use Your Leaves:

  1. Standard Compost

A. Using a Rake Assassin, rake your lawn of leaves, skim your pond for leaves and shovel piles you may have into an outdoor bin.

B. Do your best to break up any large leaves.

C. Add a source of nitrogen (will help speed up the process as well) such as freshly cut grass clippings.

D. Let sit over the season, stir and then place onto the garden soil.


2. ‘Leaf Mold’, creating ‘peat moss’ on steroids. Leaves contain many natural molds, with the breakdown of these molds creates a material high in calcium and magnesium that rivals peat moss.

A. Rake all your leaves into one large pile and place into a bin

B. Let sit for one to two years.

C. Result: a medium that holds three to five times its weight in water and is chock full of good plant nutrients.



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