Exploring Landscaping Ideas for Trees With Exposed Roots

root sawIf you have trees with visible roots on your property, you may see them as an eyesore. In reality, there are countless landscaping design projects that can improve the look and appeal of your yard. Before you take out those pesky roots with a tree root saw or other root cutting tools, here are some ideas for landscaping with exposed tree roots.

Depending on where your trees with exposed roots are located, they may make a beautiful accent to a walkway. Consider adding stepping stones between pieces of exposed roots. Just make sure the stones are the same height as the tallest root to avoid the risk of somebody tripping. You can also install a boardwalk that involves placing pressure-treated lumber boards across the roots so they can be stepped on and used as part of a pathway. If you try this method, it’s recommended to use some sort of root saw or other yard tools to cut notches in the lumber in the locations of the roots to avoid putting too much pressure on them and damaging the tree.

If the location of your tree with exposed roots isn’t quite suitable for a walkway, you can also consider covering it with soil. Although covering the roots with several inches of soil all at once isn’t ideal, soil can be added in inch or half-inch increments with two to three weeks between applications. This gives the roots time to adjust to the change. Keep in mind that the overall success of this project is highly dependent on the type and quality of the soil that is used. But make sure to stay away from clay soil — it’s very likely to erode and restrict the flow of water and air.

Finally, if you want a lower maintenance project, consider adding a ground cover over the exposed roots. Many varieties of plants thrive in shade, so this is an ideal project that allows you to keep the tree intact while being creative. Avoid species that are considered invasive in your area and opt for ones that are low maintenance and don’t require much water. This project is perfect for concealing the roots as the plants grow without damaging the tree.

Overall, exposed roots may seem pesky, but there are plenty of options for incorporating them into your landscape design. According to realestate.com, landscaping can raise a home’s value by up to 12%. Before you grab your root saw and digging tools, consider some of these ideas for a healthier and better looking yard.

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