One Shot Shovel

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Holds 25% More Dirt Than A Standard Shovel

The unique shovel with “Wings” was designed for carrying larger pay loads without spillage off the sides. Ideal for trenching and cutting sod in one shot (hence the name) with the added benefits of a cleaner and neater shoveling job.  The “Wings” also significantly increase the strength of the shovel blade and provide extra foot support for those tough digging jobs. The extra weight added by the wings is offset by the lighter and stronger fiberglass handle for superior strength of the transition from handle to blade. The shovel has many practical uses and can perform as a round point shovel with extra capabilities.

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These are what makes the one shot shovel better and more efficient:

Length: 43 in
Weight: 4.5 lbs
Steel Round Point Shovel with Fiberglass shaft and Comfort D-Handle
Extra large foot-step

In addition to these awesome features, this unique product also has wings to carry larger loads without spilling them off the sides! With it, you can trench and cut sod in one shot. The wings also gives more strength and extra foot support. The one shot shovel is truly multipurpose!


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Package weight: 6 lbs
Package dimensions: 44 x 9.75 x 6

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43", 60"

1 review for One Shot Shovel

  1. Mack Tietze (verified owner)

    Never used a shovel like this. I do planting jobs for side work and this thing changed up the game big time. My previous shovel was a thick steel one from home depot… got the job done but the one shot cuts right into the ground with ease. Rips right through grass which is usually one of the most annoying aspects of digging, cuts trenches so much easier and is very lightweight. Would recommend to anyone from a home gardener to professional landscaper.

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