A Few Tips to Make Your Gardening Experience Easier

golden gark rakeSpring has sprung, and with it so has gardening season. And while getting your hands a little dirty and planting beautiful flowers or vegetables might seem like a fun idea, it’s not always the easiest thing to do. So whether you’re a first-time gardener or you’re just looking for a few ways to make the task a little easier, here are a few essential tips to keep in mind.

Invest in Raised Beds
Not only do raised beds look beautiful, they’re generally easier to access with your digging tools. Small yard tools like a trowel or a hand rake may require you to bend all the way down to the ground. It might seem easy in the moment, but achy knees and sore muscles the next day certainly aren’t. Raised beds will ensure you don’t have to bend and reach as far.

Purchase the Right Tools
The only thing worse than being sore from gardening is being sore and not having your gardening done correctly because you had the wrong tools. If you invest in something like a golden gark rake, you won’t be disappointed. Not only can it help you reach those flowerbeds, a multi-purpose tool like the golden gark rake can help you perform other outdoor duties, as well. As a shovel rake combo a tool like this can help you gather debris around your lawn and then successfully deposit it without making a separate trip to the garage.

Start Small
The idea of cultivating a garden simply overflowing with flowers or produce is a tempting one, but not necessarily something you should aim for right off the bat. If you have a professional gardening service, that’s different. But if you’re just starting, make sure you master the basics. For example, when you transfer a plant, the planting hole should be two to three times bigger than the root bundle to allow for comfortable growth. Starting small and mastering the basics can help you cultivate a simply stunning garden in the future.

If you keep these three things in mind, your gardening experience is going to be much easier than you thought it might be. But don’t wait to get your garden growing!

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